Workplace Violence

CPS has consulted with a number of companies to reduce the danger of violence in their workplaces. We strongly recommend companies have a policy in place regarding this. A good policy serves as a preventive measure and minimizes the impact if violence does occur. This policy should contain information for managers and employees to spot warning signs in the workplace. For example, it is important to increase awareness of employees and managers so they will report any threats. Being able to see a potential problem developing and locating support for that individual is by far preferable to responding to a crisis of violence. This information could be made available via management training seminars. It should convey clear, concrete strategies, hypothetical examples of danger and instructions on how to respond. The proactive role of the organization should include telling employees that any threatening or abusive behavior will not be tolerated and explaining consequences for such behavior.

Outlining procedures for addressing threats made or implied at the workplace is another phase of dealing with worksite violence. It is important that managers be trained in standard operating procedures should they be faced with a worrisome situation in their departments. That would include consultation with the EAP for assessing danger/risk and instructions on how to defuse aggressive behaviors. Law enforcement services might be contacted as needed during any phase of a worksite violence problem.

It cannot be emphasized enough that the climate of the overall work environment and the sensitive concern for the welfare of employees are good proactive practices for minimizing aggressive, work-related retaliations. When a crisis is unavoidable, CPS staff is qualified to assess, strategize to defuse a threatening situation and coordinate de-briefing if necessary.

(See also: Components of an EAP)



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