Benefits to Employees

Recently one of our client organizations analyzed the various types of benefit programs offered to its employees. An important conclusion was: "By contrast to the effectiveness of some other programs, the employees give high marks to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)."

In a six-month follow-up questionnaire sent to participants in another of our EAP programs, 85% of the 219 respondents "agreed" or "very much agreed" they would recommend the EAP to a coworker. Less than 3% disagreed with this statement.

Good EAPs are well-used and much appreciated. Even employees who haven't participated in the program feel reassured to know that experienced counselors are standing by with free, effective, personal help for them and their family members.

Benefits to Managers and Supervisors

In addition to participants, the strongest supporters of our EAP programs are company managers. We take very difficult problems off of their hands. For example, it is very frustrating to see an employee's productivity decline, and to only be able to give 'pep' talks or 'this is serious' talks. Typically, they only have a short-term effect on employees with personal problems.

EAP treatment, though, is effective long term. A good EAP has experienced staff available for consultations with managers about a variety of issues and concerns. At CPS, we have fielded thousands of questions from concerned managers. We help employee groups who are stuck or in crisis. Companies turn to EAPs for "critical incident stress debriefings." These help employee groups who have experienced a traumatic or especially difficult event, such as a bad accident, the unexpected death of a coworker, a robbery, an act of violence, the unexpected death of a family member, etc. A debriefing, with some consultation and support for the manager and individual help for employees, helps avoid what can otherwise be the prolonged effects of a distressing event.

Occasionally, managers become concerned that an employee or an estranged lover of an employee might be dangerous to those in the workplace. An experienced EAP can evaluate the potential for workplace violence and develop strategies to markedly reduce any danger that may exist.

Benefits That Reduce the Cost of Health Benefits

EAPs have become popular because they work. Numerous studies assess how EAPs effectively off-set other costs to an organization. These studies repeatedly demonstrate that well-managed EAPs reduce the costs of other benefits.

"Bottom-line" Financial Benefits

In addition to reducing benefits costs,
follow-up studies by CPS and others show EAP participation increases productivity by: reducing absenteeism, reducing coworker conflict, reducing tardiness, increasing on-the-job effectiveness and improving management (performance) evaluations.

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