Referral-out Rate

Referral-out rate is the percentage of employees or family members who are seen by the EAP staff and then referred to another professional outside of the EAP. Some EAP providers count as referrals only those who were referred to "benefits-eligible treatment". So referrals to 12-step programs, therapists not covered by benefits, support groups, etc. may not be considered referrals when figuring this percentage. The most frequent complaint that we hear in our formal feedback questionnaire from EAP participants is that they didn't like being referred. Many of those who are referred don't go and others don't stick with their new therapist once they've gone. Furthermore, those who do go cost the organization additional money in benefits. Benefits-eligible referrals should be around 25% or lower; an effective EAP should be seeing 70% or more of its participants through to the resolution of their problems.



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