" For a program to be effective, there should be an effective feedback loop from participants. ..."

Any program that doesn't have a comprehensive, valid feedback system should be approached with caution. If such a program is instituted, the client organization should, at the very least, develop its own feedback survey system. This provides valid information about employee satisfaction and other measures of effectiveness.

CPS recommends the feedback system:

  1. be given to clients a few months (eg., three months) after their last treatment session so that they have time to gain perspective on how helpful treatment was.

  2. be based on a five point Likert-type scale (eg., "very satisfied" to "very unsatisfied"). Simple "Yes" / "No" questions bias surveys toward the positive because most people are reluctant to be negative.

  3. be given to all participants, not just those chosen by the therapists who have seen them.

  4. include feedback associated with a particular therapist so when problems arise, there is an opportunity to correct them.

  5. address issues such as comfort with the therapist, ease of getting an appointment, effectiveness of the help received and the effect of therapy on work-related factors such as productivity, manager evaluations, etc.

  6. not jeopardize the confidential nature of EAP participation
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