$$ Improve Employee Productivity $$

$$ In a survey of CPS EAP participants, 61 percent of the participants reported improved productivity, 52 percent noted a significant decrease in the number of mistakes made, 37 percent reported an improvement in their attendance and 44 percent reported improved performance reviews.

$$ A study of 429 EAP participants with alcohol problems found that after treatment, the percentage of those with no absenteeism during the previous month improved 290%.

$$ A study of the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration following 18,000 employees found that after alcohol treatment, 70% of them were back on the job.

$$ 46% reduction in lost work days was reported in another study regarding naval servicemen who underwent alcohol treatment.

$$ Psychological care results in reduced absenteeism and better productivity.

$$ 52% reduction of absenteeism documented in one study of EAPs.

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