Program Evaluation

Amazingly few EAPs make more than nominal attempts to find out if their program really meets the needs of the employees it is supposed to be serving. Administering an in-depth and meaningful follow-up survey is the only truly effective way to know. Such a survey should canvas all participants, not only those to whom a therapist remembered to give the questionnaire. Questions should be answered with a scaled Likert-type option which is more effective than forcing a participant to answer "yes"/"no" questions. Each participant should be questioned about his/her experience in the program a few months after participating in the program. Then, they have a better perspective on whether the benefit that they received from therapy was lasting. The feedback questionnaire should be thorough. Does it ask about the quality of a participant's EAP experience and the effectiveness of the program in resolving his/her problem? One thing we include is a participant rating of the degree of change see survey results) that he/she experienced in five work-related categories. Participants are encouraged to comment about the program. All of the results are either directly correlated by the client organization or readily available to them. (It is not difficult to obtain this information without endangering confidentiality.)

(See also: Components of an EAP)



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