" guidelines for what a company can realistically expect in terms of program utilization ..."

Under normal circumstances, when an organization is not going through major traumatic transitions, the following guidelines can be applied. Organizations with less than 500 employees can expect annual utilization figures of a minimum of 7%. This assumes that these organizations allow the EAP: to initially train managers in the use of the program, to present the program to employees, to provide management and employee seminars, to send periodic information about the EAP to employee families, etc. For organizations this size we averaged 13% (in 1995). For organizations with 500 or more employees utilization rates are more variable. For example, it is more difficult to arrange for management training and to provide seminars that impact significant numbers of employees. These programs can nevertheless maintain utilization rates of 6% or better. For example, with a company of 5,000 employees, except for one year when the company was involved in a massive down-sizing, our EAP has maintained, for the last seven years, a utilization rate of over 6% and has averaged 7%.



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