In 1980, Dr.Tim Stokes was asked by StorageTek to start a program of psychological services for its employees. This program marked the beginnings of Corporate Psychological Services.

The decision to become an important player in the local EAP market was made with some trepidation. We were concerned that marketing our programs might dilute the great value placed on very high quality clinical and consulting services. It would result in a less stimulating and satisfying work environment for CPS staff. So to emphasize quality, we decided to only pursue contracts with companies who shared our high standards - companies sincerely interested in programs that demonstrably worked for their employees. We do not offer nominal programs.

Marketing remains secondary to our commitment to quality of care and to the on-going development of our programs. While this means we may never dominate the EAP market, our experience is nevertheless diverse and extensive. During the years we've offered psychological services, we have:

  • seen more than 5,500 employees/family members as EAP participants
  • offered management seminars to more than 1,000 managers
  • met with and described our programs to thousands of employees
  • offered a variety of psycho-educational seminars to more than a thousand employees and family members
  • provided consultations to hundreds of managers
  • aided hundreds of work teams in improving morale and productivity
We are familiar with a diversity of clients. In general, we have seen large populations of highly trained technological personnel as well as direct labor people involved in manufacturing, police officers and other civic personnel and people from swing and graveyard shifts. Our programs have been demonstrably successful. Now we aim to bring them to more organizations in the Denver-Boulder-Longmont areas.

In addition to running EAPs, we offer EAP development consultation, work team development programs, and management consultation. We want to help national and international organizations develop quality EAP services for all of their employees.

Timothy B. Stokes, Ph.D.
Founder, Corporate Psychological Services, Inc.

"People buy our EAP and Management Consultant programs because they impact the bottom line. They understand the expense of dealing with employees' personal problems. They continue our programs because of their popularity with managers and other employees."

"Once our programs are introduced, managers love them. They aren't expected to be trained counselors; they can't be tough decision makers and emotional advisors at the same time. We solve their dilemmas and they are pleased because their people get better."

"Our programs send a strong message of caring. It shows that corporate decision makers do more than talk about their employees' welfare; they provide a way to make positive changes in their lives."

- Tim Stokes

What The Client Says:

"We have nothing but praise for Dr. Stokes and his staff. They go beyond the call of duty to help us deal with any EAP issues proactively. Most importantly, they hold confidentiality in the highest regard."

"CPS provides us with professional, thoughtful, responsive service that shows understanding between the employee's and employer's point of view."

- PJ Hollister
Manager of Corporate Health Services, StorageTek



Dr. Tim Stokes
Founder, Corporate Psychological Services, Inc.


BA Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 1971

MA Clinical Psychology, San Diego, California 1975

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, The California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego, California 1977


Psychotherapy practice since 1977

Design and management of EAPs since 1980


Corporate Psychological Services

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