When you offer an employee assistance program to your employees and their families, you:
  • give them a way to resolve emotional and behavioral problems without jeopardizing their jobs.
  • give support to employees who are facing bereavement, family breakup, substance abuse, and other personal concerns.
  • put employees' problems in the hands of professionals experienced in problem assessment and resolution, psychotherapy, and crisis intervention.
  • leave a strong impact on employees' perceptions of your total benefits package.
Across the nation, EAPs successfully help employees resolve personal problems. They decrease costly mistakes, accidents, and absenteeism in the workplace. And, because they deal with psychological contributors to disease, they reduce the cost of medical claims.

Fortune 500 companies know this - that's why they continue to support EAPs year after year. An EAP saves them time and money and provides solutions for real-life issues. Most importantly, your investment in an EAP comes back in loyalty, productivity, and community good will as well as employee morale.

Across Boulder County, Corporate Psychological Services, an experienced local EAP can be reached by email (cpseaps@me.com) ... both for you to set up a program and for your employees to make use of it.

What The Experts Say:

"If you limit mental health benefits, the condition will simply pop up, for perhaps even more expensive treatment under another label - back trouble, for instance."

- EAP manager quoted in Working Woman magazine.

"Companies have seen a return of five-fold or better."

- EAP article in Inc. magazine.



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