Corporate Psychological Services has designed and implemented employee assistance programs since 1980 with an unblemished record of service.

Here's why:

COST-EFFECTIVE: CPS carefully measures the impact of its programs on employees and reports the results to you.

CONVENIENT: With an expert staff close by, phone service that's continuously monitored, and Boulder County offices located within 15 minutes of your workplace, CPS therapists are available when you need them.

CONFIDENTIAL: CPS therapists respect the sensitivities of people they assist. Complete confidentiality plus management sanction are assured.

QUALIFIED: CPS therapists have graduate degrees, are licensed, have at least 10 years experience in mental health treatment, and are all experienced EAP providers. Dr. Tim Stokes, founder of CPS, has been a practicing psychologist since 1977.

CREDIBLE: Credibility comes with professional credential, a wealth of experience, and the highest standards of ethics and integrity. In treatment, we know what is effective and we won't cut corners. Any referrals from CPS therapists are based on getting the right help for people. CPS has no financial connection to referred service providers.

CULTURE-SENSITIVE: Each organization represents a different cultural environment. We respect these differences and work in a style that suits your corporation or organization.

COMPREHENSIVE: Working with executives and managers effectively determines the success of any employee assistance program. CPS specializes in preparing managers to:

  • identify substance abuse and other problems.
  • document employee performance properly.
  • determine when and how to refer an employee to CPS.
  • deal with warnings of violence in the workplace.
CUSTOMIZED: In addition to short term counseling, evaluation, referral and follow-up services, CPS develops special programs to fit the needs of client organizations. They include stress management, assertiveness, communication and parenting skills, bereavement counseling, and more. Bilingual (Spanish) therapists available.

EDUCATIONAL: CPS will provide expert information as payroll stuffers and articles for your newsletter about such mental health topics as stress, divorce, grief, single parenting, holiday blues, and so on.


Corporate Psychological Services

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